Furnished Apartments in Frankfurt

About Us

We help young professionals, expats and students to find a high-quality furnished home at fair prices so that they can feel at home in the beautiful city at the Main river

Furniture creates life in an apartment and makes it a home

We live in an age of constant mobility and globalization. The world is moving faster and long-term plans are often difficult to make. Buying furniture for your own home is usually expensive, stressful, time-consuming and extremely stressful. Our mission is to offer you only high quality and verified apartments and rooms. The rule is: if we wouldn’t move into a flat ourselves, we won’t market the apartment either. This is the only way we can offer the product “fully furnished apartment” with full conviction.

Who we are

Created out of our own demand

Furnestate was founded with one simple goal: The commitment to build an agency with only high-quality modern furnished flats, suited for people that value comfort, modern designs, great location and luxury. Having been expats in other cities ourselves, we experienced firsthand the difficulty of finding a beautiful furnished space away from home. Hence, we wanted to build a trustworthy, personal agency in our hometown, sothat expats here could get a better experience than the one we had.

What we do

Innovative Thinking to offer you the best renting experience possible

We offer various ways for you to watch our apartments on your terms. We have detailed videos of almost all of our apartments, professional photography, brokers excited to show you the flats in person if preferred and in some cases even automated locks to offer you a viewing at exactly the time you want. Just contact us and see if there’s a right fit for your needs!